In the early years of Fas-Break Glass, we were a local company in the Billings Heights. The first shop and office were a small rented location. As the years progressed, we expanded into a larger facility with a better location for customers to locate us.

In 2003, Fas-Break Glass purchased the former Sun Silk location on the corner of Lake Elmo and Main Street. We were so proud of the shop because it had been a goal to build a custom shop specific to our needs. On Father’s Day 2010, our shop was destroyed by a tornado. Within days, we were looking forward and planning the rebuild. It is that drive that keeps Fas-Break Glass looking ahead for new products and services to better serve our customers.

Fas-Break Glass is a distributorship of the National Fas-Break Corporation located in Phoenix, Arizona. Within three years of becoming a team member of Fas-Break, Inc. Kevin Massick became the national training center for the company. Kevin continues to mentor and support existing and new distributorships. Kevin strives to be an example for all in the Fas-Break organization. Click here to get more information on how you can become a Fas-Break Glass representative.